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Monday Morning Markets

For Retail Agents only - get specialty coverages, programs and other services

Step 1:

Click on any of the coverages or programs listed to get:

  • Explanation of coverage or program
  • Link to view the video
  • Specialty Markets Providers that contributed to PKV

If you would like to use any of these Product Knowledge Videos (PKVs) on your website and/or in your sales and marketing activities, as well as become eligible to utilize all the other registered MMM agencies' benefits (AT NO COST) apply online at

It's always free to agents

Step 2:

If the coverage or program is not listed or available to you, use The Rough Notes Insurance Marketplace featuring over 700 specialty coverages and programs.

The Insurance Marketplace is the:

  • most widely used directory for locating a provider
  • no charge, no login, no password
  • select coverage and the state/province of the risk
  • select a provider link from the results page

Rough Notes Solutions is a digital delivery system that insurance professionals can use anytime, anywhere. Educational and risk survey content resources are available.gar

In the video below, Rough Notes Publisher Walt Gdowski demonstrates the simplicity of using the Insurance Marketplace.