In our efforts to bring new products and services to the insurance agency community, we looked for a company to assist agents in tracking their referrals and centers of influence. With very little daily effort, an agent can significant increase their referral sales opportunities. delivers an easy-to-use referral tool that’s described as a “perfect fit for the insurance producer. Endorsed and recommended by the founders of Insurance Thought Leadership, the Refer tool helps producers build their own network of strong referral sources quickly leading to 8-12 new referred sales opportunities a month.

Users describe the Refer software as:

  • “so much better than LinkedIn and specifically for referrals”
  • “Ingenious, the best way to build a circle of trusted referral partners”
  • “amazing…, earns a five star review”
  • “a real breakthrough for the independent insurance broker”
  • “Refer delivers exactly what I’ve been teaching new producers for 30 years”

In just 15 minutes a day, is designed to help you:

  1. Promote – Yourself, your brand, & your expertise to all your networks
  2. Team Up – With professionals, clients & referral sources to give & get referrals
  3. Engage – Build trust, get referrals, increase retention & close new business

It’s easy to get started, gives you a proven way to get new clients and reach your goals!

More information… just reach out to Tom Offerman at 208-258-6280 and mention AgenciesOnline.
Tom Offerman