What Independent Agencies Do When One-Size Doesn't Fill All

What Independent Agencies Do When One-Size Doesn't Fill All

We’ve discussed over and over again the changing face of consumer expectations. Rapidly developing technology has allowed industries to provide individualized attention to clients, and consumers have begun to expect the same care from all service providers.

As consumer expectations increase, independent insurance agencies need to provide greater convenience, customer service, and customization to differentiate themselves. However, independent agencies face several challenges to providing the extended support that most modern clients demand.

When agent efficiency leads to client dissatisfaction

Today, insurance clients want more than an annual check-in, and they need more when they’re going through a crisis than case management. In the aftermath of a catastrophic medical emergency or a natural disaster, agents are focused on expediting claims processing, which is exactly what they should be focused on. Unfortunately, that focus can make clients feel like a number rather than an individual.

Like all small businesses, it’s not unusual for independent agencies to be over-extended in terms of human resources. That makes providing personalized care to clients more challenging, and it makes providing additional support nearly impossible for busy agents.

How insurance agencies can benefit from industry disruptors like BeneTechs

Fortunately, there are ways to offer added value to clients and to extend services without hiring on new staff. Startups like BeneTechs are disrupting the entire industry by offering independent agencies an opportunity to offer more. BeneTechs provides services that complement your independent agency’s products and services at reasonable rates for your clients. The company provides a streamlined solution to the requests your agents receive for more robust client support.

Imagine being able to offer your clients added value without adding a burden on your agents. That’s the advantage of Benetech. Whether you serve individuals or small to mid-sized businesses, the company has solutions that round out what your agency can offer to clients in their times of need. Solutions include supplementary support for clients in the aftermath of disasters, whether environmental, medical, or cyber, as well as support for caregivers.

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