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  • Annual Reviews to Connect to Clients

    Why do clients leave insurance agencies? Most of the time, it has less to do with rates and more to do with responsiveness. According to a survey conducted by Rocket Referrals, 8 out of 10 clients defect because they lack “regular and meaningful communication from the business.” [more]
  • Why an integrated marketing strategy is critical for your agency

    Customer experience is at the heart of every transaction [more]
  • Consumer wants more than digital convenience from insurance agencies

    What part have agencies and aggregators played in shaping how consumers perceive insurance? [more]
  • How Insurance Agencies Can Get The Most Bang for Their Marketing Budgets

    According to Gartner’s 2017 CMO Spend Survey, we can expect marketing budgets to continue receding in 2018. If that’s true of corporations with an office reserved for a Chief Marketing Officer, it’s doubly true of smaller independent insurance agencies. A limited budget doesn’t have to limit your agency’s growth, however. By using data effectively, a tight marketing budget can deliver a robust return on investment. [more]
  • To build client loyalty, develop an ecosystem of service

    How can independent agencies distinguish themselves from other providers? [more]
  • To woo Millennials, insurance agencies need to think outside the white picket fence

    From casual dining chains to the diamond market, Millennials are faulted with delivering the death blow to dozens of traditional business models. The insurance industry is just the latest to be hobbled by these apparently cold-blooded consumers, but that doesn’t mean Millennials are here to end insurance agencies (or any other businesses) for good. They just want industries to keep up with their changing needs and goals. [more]
  • AgenciesOnline Selected 2017 Best of Chapin Awards for Internet Marketing Services for the second year in a row.

    AgenciesOnline Selected 2017 Best of Chapin Awards for Internet Marketing Services for the second year in a row. Thanks for recognizing us for our efforts on our clients' behalf. What a year! [more]
  • What Independent Agencies Do When One-Size Doesn't Fill All

    We’ve discussed over and over again the changing face of consumer expectations. Rapidly developing technology has allowed industries to provide individualized attention to clients, and consumers have begun to expect the same care from all service providers. [more]
  • February is Insurance Career Month

    Have you considered a career in insurance?  It's more than a job, it's more than "selling" – it's about working with a client to provide them with the very best insurance coverage to meet their needs and mitigate their risks. It's a rewarding career.  [more]
  • What do modern consumers want from the insurance industry?

    Andrew Kucheriavy, founder and CEO of the pioneering insurtech firm Intechnic, attended this year’s Web Summit, the world’s largest tech conference. While on the scene, he spoke with leaders from insurance companies, banks, tech firms and disruptive startups to learn what insurance agencies can expect in 2018. What he learned should come as no surprise to independent agencies who have been paying attention to the concerns and demands of 21st century insurance clients. [more]
  • How women's initiatives create value for insurance agencies

    In today’s America, more married women are calling the financial shots in their homes, and more unmarried women are choosing to remain single indefinitely. Both of these groups are in the market for insurance, but are they being served by the insurance industry? Specifically, are they being served by agents who will intuitively understand their needs, goals, and concerns? [more]
  • Developing Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

    Identify specific marketing goals [more]
  • Four Gaps That Your Agents Must Bridge for Modern Insurance Clients.

    The average age of insurance agents as of 2014 was 59, whereas the bulk of the insurance buying power is shared by Gen Xers and Millennials. This ever-widening age gap is creating serious disconnects between agency benefits and consumer expectations. [more]
  • Your website - Greatest Return Than Any Other Investment

    It’s a given that your insurance agency needs a website, but will any old website do? Believe it or not, when it comes to effectiveness, having a poorly designed site can be as detrimental to your reputation as having none at all. [more]
  • What your agents have that insuranceTech doesn't (and how to make the most of both)

    The new wave of insuranceTech can manage virtually every step of a client’s insurance-buying journey - from gathering data to the eventual purchase. That makes some agents nervous. They fear they may be the next industry experts ousted by automation. [more]
  • Back-to-School Safety Checklist

    School is starting and is your child ready?  Keeping him/her safe from injury is extremely important.  To assist you, we have provided a Safety Checklist from the National Safety Council which speaks to walking to school, riding a bike to school, riding the bus, and then school safety tips such as back-pack related injuries and preventing playground injuries. [more]
  • Solar Eclipse Safety for the 21st

    We are set for unique experience on Monday, August 21st –  a total coast-to-coast solar eclipse. During that time, the sun will be blocked for two minutes and create eerie diamond rings of light, weather permitting.  So, if you are watching on tv or seeing it in person, you should be awed.  [more]
  • How a better website can streamline your agency's processes

    While everyone knows that an independent insurance agency’s website is its most powerful marketing tool, fewer agents realize the role your website can play in improving operational efficiency. A well-designed website can streamline data management, communications, and trend watching without a great deal of extra expense. [more]
  • Safety Items for Back to School

    You received your list of supplies your child needs to go back to school.  Here are some safety items you might consider adding to your list.  Each is designed to provide immediate ways to protect your child from unwanted attention. [more]
  • Family Fun Month

    August is Family Fun Month and keeping everyone safe while enjoying the outdoors can be challenging.  Here are some safety tips to ensure you have a wonderful experience from the NYSPCC. Practice water, sun, bike, barbecue, and fire safety.  To read the entire article, click here. [more]
  • Building relationships between your insurance agency and your community

    Many large insurance companies have moved their businesses entirely online, and independent insurance agencies are following suit. It makes good business sense in many ways. Conducting transactions, finding answers, and reporting problems online saves your clients’ time and makes insurance more intuitive and convenient.  [more]
  • How insurance agencies can become health partners with policyholders

    Some 29 million people in the United States have diabetes. Another 75 million Americans have high blood pressure. Obesity, heart disease, and cancer rates continue to rise as well. As these ailments proliferate, they raise the out-of-pocket medical costs of Americans, creating a terrible financial burden on top of the already high toll taken by the health issues themselves. [more]
  • A recipe for engaging insurance agency blog content

    To blog or not to blog: you’re asking the wrong question [more]
  • Watercraft Thefts

    Recreational boating continues to grow in both popularity and in risk.  Boats are on the lakes, in the ocean, and on the rivers, all during the summer.  [more]
  • What insurance agents need to know about Multicultural Millennials and the Multiplier Effect

    Who are the Multicultural Millennials? [more]
  • How to frame the value of life insurance for younger markets

    Why can’t younger consumers see the value of life insurance? [more]
  • What are the top 3 reasons policyholders switch insurance agencies?

    When it comes to auto and residential policyholders, insurance is a commodity that many consumers purchase and then forget about. According to Nielsen’s recent Insurance Sentiments Report, more than one in four policyholders surveyed have been covered by the same primary policy for 15 years or more for each type of policy. [more]
  • Why insurance agencies should be targeting upscale Millennials

    Millennials, like all younger generations throughout history, have gotten a bad rap. Written off as irresponsible or spoiled, basement-dwellers or perpetual students, this generation has been widely neglected by insurers who are focused, instead, on the aging Baby Boomers. [more]
  • Top 5 Tips for Nurturing Your Insurance Agency's Leads

    Like any relationship, the connection between your agents and your leads will be improved by a little TLC. In marketing, we call this lead nurturing. Simply put, it’s taking time to demonstrate your commitment to a lead’s satisfaction before they convert. [more]
  • 5 Steps to Increase Your Insurance Agency Referrals

    The world may be getting more high tech every day, but consumers are still old-fashioned when it comes to referring their favorite businesses and agencies. According to BrightLocal’s 2016 local consumer review survey, 68% of those surveyed were more likely to recommend a business via word of mouth than any other method. [more]
  • Landing pages: the launchpad of your marketing campaign

    What is a Landing Page, anyway? [more]
  • Spring Clear Your Marketing Database

  • Show, don't sell; harnessing the power of storytelling in your marketing campaigns

  • Personalize Marketing Across Multiple Channels

  • Is Facebook Advertising a Worthwhile Investment for Independent Agents?

    Why your independent insurance agency’s organic Facebook posts aren’t working [more]
  • Using Your Client's Common Questions to Build Content

  • The Difference Between Transactional and Relational Marketing

  • 5 Marketing Trends Agents Should Pay Attention to in 2017

  • How Independent Insurance Agencies Can Stay Relevant to Gen Xers and Millennials

    In their highly informative report “Insurers on the Brink: Disrupt or Be Disrupted,” Deloitte Center for Financial Services touches on a common theme in the modern insurance industry: trust. While many older consumers still trust the insurance industry’s authority on matters of risk management, their children and grandchildren are not so confident. [more]
  • Don't let your rates define your insurance agency

  • Live Streaming Video - How Agencies Can Leverage Technology

    Live streaming video is the pathway to building better relationships for insurance agents. It builds engagement with clients and prospects, and helps speed up achieving the 'know, like and trust' scenario.   The cost of entry for an insurance agent is no more than having a smart phone. There are numerous mobile apps that bring the live streaming functionality right into the palm of your hand. All you need is a topic or message and the right audience. Depending on what your goal is, social media is a great way to share it and invite people to join in.   With Periscope and Facebook Live, to name just a couple, live streaming video is the next technology that can advance your agency operations on multiple levels. [more]
  • Is your out-of-date website killing your insurance agency's business prospects?

  • 5 tips for developing effective marketing campaigns in the new year

  • Is joining an aggregator group the right choice for your independent agency?

  • Avoid the generalist's dilemma: find your agency's niche

  • 3 easy-to-use tools that make quick work of your social media marketing

    The value of a robust social media presence for independent insurance agencies can’t be stressed enough. According to an exhaustive Pew report on social media usage from 2005-2015, social media may be your best bet to reach every demographic easily. [more]
  • How independent insurance agencies can beat online insurance aggregators at their own sales pitch

  • 5 ways to show your agency's clients you appreciate them

  • How independent insurance agents can appeal to small business owners

  • How to convince modern insurance buyers that human agents are still desirable

  • Helping clients through difficult times

  • Does your agency have a plan for dealing with negative social media comments?

  • Three counterintuitive insurance marketing tactics that persuade prospects

  • Overcome the old stereotypes that hold insurance agents back

  • Are your agents up to date on social media skills?

  • Aligning marketing strategies with specific business goals

  • What to include in drip and transactional email marketing campaigns

    As more and better email automation technologies are released on the market, it’s never been easier for small, independent insurance agencies to compete with large agencies for buyers’ inboxes. And while most agencies we work with know that email marketing is important to an agency’s overall marketing strategy, many aren’t sure exactly what should go into an agency email or how often emails should go out. [more]
  • Take advantage of these 5 market research tools today

    Before you can reach your audience, you’ve got to know who your audience is. It’s not uncommon for insurance agencies to make educated guesses about their ideal buyers because, in the past, market research could be costly, time-consuming, and tedious. [more]
  • Employee bios that show the human face of your insurance agency

    While most people enjoy talking about themselves, creating an employee bio that will appeal to your target market can still pose a challenge. If you ask staff to provide their own bios, you’ll probably run across these common problems: [more]
  • 5 psychological hacks to sell more insurance

    Make the most out of your insurance agency’s website, emails, and social posts by applying these psychological hacks to your content. [more]
  • Should your agency invest in pay-per-click advertising?

    Audience. Timing. Message. Budget. Tracking. You control them all when you invest in pay-per-click advertising (PPC). While it’s not smart to make PPC your agency’s whole marketing ball-of-wax, including it as one of your strategies may be a good idea. Here’s why: [more]
  • Creating downloadable lead magnets to grow your email list

    I’m an insurance shopper, and I’m already checking out your independent agency’s website. You know that I’m your ideal customer, but I’m just not ready to commit quite yet. If only you could capture my contact information so that you could reach out to me… initially just to build a relationship and a little trust, things that have to happen first if there’s ever going to be a conversion. What? You’re offering to let me download something that I can really use? All I have to do is give you my email address? FREE, did you say? Count me in! [more]
  • How women are changing insurance marketing tactics

    Sheconomy [more]
  • Creating smart goals for your insurance marketing campaign

    Independent insurance agents work hard. When it comes to their marketing campaigns, they also need to work SMART. Having SMART goals for your agency’s marketing campaign is key to defining, achieving, and measuring desired results. Think about how your agency’s marketing campaign stacks up in light of these tips for establishing truly smart SMART goals: [more]
  • How online reviews can bolster your independent insurance agency

    “Don’t worry about what other people think.” Good advice, Mom. Except when it comes to running a business. Like it or not, the prevailing opinion of others plays a powerful role in your independent insurance agency’s success. And these days, that opinion is constantly being bandied about via online reviews. Consider these statistics and what they could mean for your agency: [more]
  • Making insurance research simple for prospects

    Where can I get the tastiest thin-crust pizza in the area? Hand me my smartphone so I can take a peek at Yelp. How about the lowest price on a 2011 Camry or the best B&B in Key West? Let me just hop online and check and Expedia. It’s 2016, and this is how research is done. It’s how we make important decisions, including whom we’ll trust to handle our insurance needs. [more]
  • Get a "yes" from buyers with these techniques

    You’ve been to the workshops. You’ve heard all about how you should look at a prospective customer’s “no” not as an end, but a beginning. But deep down, you really wish you could skip to the real end, the coveted “yes,” as quickly as possible. You can, with this basic strategy. [more]
  • Harness the power of the Buy Local movement

    More and more people with a yen for farm-fresh produce, unique restaurant fare, and one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts are bypassing the big retailers and chains en route to local farm stands, cafes, and mom-and-pop shops. It’s no secret that the “Buy Local” movement has really taken off - and for a lot of good reasons. Independent agents need to help prospective clients understand that their reasons for buying local products are also the perfect reasons to embrace local independent agencies for their insurance needs. [more]
  • How to strengthen relationships with your referral partners

    “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” Ralph Waldo Emerson [more]
  • Does specialization improve independent agency profits?

    According to the 2013 Best Practices Study from The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, the answer is a resounding yes. As specialization has increased across agencies of all sizes, results indicate that “developing an expertise or proficiency in a certain industry or product has shown to facilitate targeted leads and referrals, improve retention and provide a competitive edge for an agency.” [more]
  • How young agents can help independent agencies stay relevant

    Young insurance agents have a lot to learn. After all, experience truly is the best teacher. But teachers can also learn from their students, and young agents can teach independent agencies quite a bit about how to stay relevant, especially in the following areas: [more]
  • Why direct buyers return to independent insurance agencies

    You probably don’t associate Mick Jagger singing “Time Is on My Side” with the insurance industry. But the words “You’ll come running back, you’ll come running back, you’ll come running back to me” definitely bring to mind the ever-increasing numbers of former direct buyers who are now “back knocking” on the doors of tried-and-true independent insurance agencies. In fact, a 2013 study showed that more than 60 percent of previous direct buyers were already headed back into the comforting arms of independent agencies. Here’s what many of them have to say about why. [more]
  • The unique value of independent insurance agencies

    A 2013 McKinsey & Co. report predicted that independent insurance agents might be running out of time, contending, “The economics of the traditional agent model are beginning to unravel.” [more]
  • The sale is only the beginning of your client relationship

    Congratulations! You sold a policy. And that’s nothing to sneeze at. After all, you’re an insurance agent. But remember that getting a client isn’t the same as keeping one. Which means that today’s sale was only the beginning of what could be a beautiful client relationship. These tips will help you make sure it’s a lasting one. [more]
  • Developing policies to guide your agency's social media efforts

    If the only social media policy you have for your agency is “Anything goes,” it’s time to get yourself a new one. Establishing a clear set of rules about what is and isn’t okay on your agency’s social media channels will not only strengthen your brand, but also protect you from miscommunication and a host of other issues, possibly even sticky legal ones, that could result from a loosey-goosey, or complete lack of, policy. [more]
  • How to gain referral partners using your ageny's social media

    There’s that person at every party. The one who spends the entire evening huddled nervously in the corner, mingling with nobody except the guy passing around the meatballs-on-toothpicks tray. If your agency isn’t using social media to get out there and meet new clients and referral partners, you might as well grab yourself a cup of punch and sidle up next to Wally the Wallflower. [more]
  • Standardizing communications to keep your agency's message clear

    Public speaking can be scarier than hairy spiders, grizzly bears, and Presidential elections. Writing something to put out there for the world to see can be just as frightening. The truth is that when it comes to all types of business communication, there’s actually a good reason to be apprehensive. Because every conversation, email, and social media update has the power to improve – or destroy – your insurance agency's image and brand. [more]
  • Retaining customers through greater professional services

    The times they are a’changin. And insurance customers are changing along with them. According to the IBM Institute for Business Value’s Executive Report, agencies who want to keep up with those “changin’” times and retain their “changin’" customers need to focus on three important things: [more]
  • Recruit younger agents using these techniques

    Age is just a number. But the age of the average US insurance agent is actually a pretty scary one. According to the management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., that number is 59. And it means that a quarter of the industry’s work force will likely have retired by 2018. Clearly, agencies who intend to stay in the game had better get cracking on hiring the next generation of producers. [more]
  • Are your independent agents serving or selling?

    Cream rises to the top. It’s not just an idiom. It’s an important fact for independent insurance agencies to bear in mind if they want to be successful. National Financial Partners Property & Casualty Insurance Services CEO Terrence Scali says that there are way too many independent agencies being run  with a “sell, sell, sell” focus, by people who only care about their financial bottom line. The best agencies, he says, or “cream,” if you will, are those that make professional service their paramount goal. [more]
  • How independent agencies can create a more professional online presence

    Tsk tsk. In the face of growing online competition, some are predicting gloom and doom for independent insurance agencies. But recent market share reports suggest that, in many locations, IAs actually continue to build market share and even to dominate. One way to make sure that your independent agency joins those ranks – or stays there – is to up your agency’s game by maintaining a powerful and professional online presence. Here are some ways to get your name out there the right way and keep it there. [more]
  • How to Stand Out in Today's Noisy World

    With 374,000 active insurance agents in the U.S. and with consumers having more knowledge, confidence and buying power than ever, how can you stand out? That is the 64 million dollar question that faces us all… and one that our frequent MM presenter, Brent Kelly, outlines with specific action answers. Today's MM is one that every person in every agency should look and listen to, then come to the realization that we all have to step back and face the real, changing marketplace by having a platform for our agencies that is built on people, connections and followers. [more]
  • Identifying keywords to unlock your SEO potential

    In 2012, roughly 38,500 independent insurance agencies were vying for a share of the insurance market. While the market remains healthy and many agencies are thriving, there’s still a tremendous amount of competition. [more]
  • Addressing common complaints in uncommon ways

    Responding to dissatisfied customers can sink a pit in anyone’s stomach, and some complaints, frankly, cannot be resolved due to circumstances. However, by acknowledging some of the more general complaints leveled against the insurance industry, independent agencies can differentiate themselves from larger, corporate agencies. [more]
  • The insurance agent's essential guide to market identification

    We often become so comfortable in our endeavors that we begin to take them for granted. We assume that we know all that there is to know about our clients, our competition, even our products and services. [more]
  • How insurance agencies can appeal to the millennial market

    Millennials. The digital-native generation. Generation Y. No matter what you call them, you’d better get busy figuring out how to reach them. [more]
  • Encourage agents to grow professionally this year

    Everybody is an insurance agent. Or at least it can seem that way to someone who’s trying to find the right person to handle his/her insurance needs. So what can you and your agents do to stand head and shoulders above the crowd, serve your current clients so well that they’ll never look elsewhere, and convince prospects to come on board? Professional development is a good place to start. [more]
  • Grow insurance prospects through online workshops

    Offer people something they need, and they’re interested. Make it FREE and easily accessible, with absolutely no strings attached, and they’re hooked. [more]
  • Complete checklist for your agency's monthly marketing plan

    Marketing. Marketing. Marketing. You know it’s important, but you and your agency have lots of other important work to do too (like serve existing clients and generate new ones). So how do you know when you’ve done enough? Marketing strategist Cheryl Heppard has some great guidelines for what your marketing team should shoot for every single month. [more]
  • What you should include in your agency's monthly newsletter

    Some say that monthly newsletters, even those of the email variety, are marketing dinosaurs. But that’s only true if people don’t want to read them. Check out these eight ideas for compelling content that your audience will look forward to each month! [more]
  • Developing testimonials that will sell insurance for you

    “Don’t worry about what other people think.” Even those who typically embrace that philosophy likely toss it out the window when it comes to making wise choices as consumers. And when it comes to buying something as important as insurance, people not only want to know – they NEED to know – about other people’s experiences before they decide where to put their money and their trust. That’s why effective use of great customer testimonials should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. [more]
  • What your top performing agents can teach you about marketing

    Feeling unsure about the best way to market your insurance agency? Relax. Coming up with a good strategy isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, you need look no further than your own team of great agents to discover what should lie at the heart of all your marketing efforts. [more]
  • Creating content that sells insurance

    You can make commercials, print pamphlets, and blog posts, Tweet, update your Facebook status, and post photos and videos all day long, but if you’re not using compelling content geared to your target audience, none of it will boost insurance sales. [more]
  • Assess your marketing strategy for the new year!

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” [more]
  • Why Insurance Business America's readers named AgenciesOnline "the best of the best"

    When Insurance Business America asked its readers to share their thoughts on the best of the best industry leaders in 2015, the site’s readers raved about AgenciesOnline. Does “raved” sound a little over the top? Hey! We can’t make this stuff up! Read for yourself: [more]
  • Insurance Coverage Basics: Umbrella Insurance

    Bart Baker strikes again. Umbrella Insurance is the topic, and not only does Bart clearly explain the need for Umbrella, but he also illustrates a number of potential endorsements that many agencies often overlook. [more]
  • Using social media to research your insurance market

    When it comes to social media for your business, you’ve got it going on. You’re Tweeting and updating your Facebook status regularly. You’re posting, you’re interacting, you’re keeping your audience engaged! Everyone loves it! Or do they? [more]
  • Predictive Modeling - The Pricing and Underwriting System of the Future

    Consultant and one of the best-known speakers on Workers Compensation Frank Pennachio opens the window to a concept that will be more and more prevalent in the years ahead:  Predictive Modeling.  Using his specialty, (W.C.) as a good example, Frank explains how the ability of insurers (and all of us) to use 'Big Data' is quickly influencing the insurance world into creating our own predictive analytics models. He shows how the recent and swift explosion of databases, inexpensive computer power and storage, and advances in data acquisition and aggregation from multiple sources is going to make a huge difference in deciding insurance rates and coverages… and in many others ways we do business. [more]
  • Insurance Coverage Basics: Homeowner's Insurance

    Bart Baker, our prolific MM provider, adds to his growing list of recorded MM presentations on the basics of the coverages we sell. This explanation of Homeowners Insurance continues to feature the philosophy behind the coverage as well as describes the reasons for the various possible endorsements.  The major intent of these 'Basics' additions is to give your staff, especially new employees, a source of study on any and all coverages with which they may have to deal in the future. But even if you are a coverage 'vet', listen to these 'Basics' for a new look at the 'whys' of their existence. [more]
  • Curating social media content that engages your audience

    There are a million ways to use social media to engage an audience, but reading all those articles with titles like “26 Tips…,” “15 Surefire Ways…” and “7 Things You Must Do…” can make your head spin. So this post focuses on but one simple principle for curating engaging social media content: Since even those with the most minimal social media involvement typically know about Facebook, this principle is called the “Do I like it when people do this on Facebook?” test. [more]
  • The 3M Breakthrough System - Maximizers, Multipliers and Measurement

    Today's presentation by agency owner Bart Baker is built around the foundational philosophies of his fabulous book, The Breakthrough Insurance Agency: [more]
  • How local insurance agents can win back technophiles

    Blogging. Social media. SEO. Online bill pay. Mobile friendly. When terms like these first began being bandied about, they undoubtedly struck terror in the hearts of some business owners. They secretly feared that using technology to engage with clients would give those consumers too much control over their business and their brand. But it’s time that business owners, including local insurance agents, embraced the technology genie rather than futilely willing it back into the bottle. The use of technology does, in fact, give both potential clients and current ones a feeling of empowerment. Savvy, well-planned use of technology, however, makes that a good thing. Because sharing the right information with potential clients via Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms builds a degree of awareness and faith that empowers them to choose your business with confidence! Here are some simple reasons why: [more]
  • Is there an Aggregator in Your Future?

    Today Bruce Cochrane discusses the thought process an agency should follow when considering an agency aggregation.  Bruce outlines how an agency should prepare for exploring aggregations and reviews the several key questions an agency should ask any aggregator to determine the fit between the agency and aggregator. [more]
  • Build trust to gain customer loyalty

    According to Ernest and Young’s 2014 annual report on consumer trust in insurance, the insurance industry was considered less trustworthy than the banking industry. [more]
  • Vary your marketing strategy to reach more prospects

    The life expectancy of the average American is about 80 years old. That’s much longer than it has been in the past, and it creates a much more diverse range of insurance-users. Similarly, Americans’ religious affiliations, ethnicities, and even primary languages are more varied than they have been in previous decades. [more]
  • Using social media to follow up on unresponsive leads

    The Age of Information has forever changed the landscape with which both consumers and agents are confronted. On the one hand, consumers are overwhelmed by information and options, making it much more difficult for independent insurance agencies to grab their attention. On the other, insurance agents must adapt to an environment that is hostile towards lengthy explanations and direct advertising. [more]
  • Creating powerful calls to action for your insurance agency

    If you want to turn prospects into leads, create a powerful call-to-action. A call-to-action, or CTA, is a button or banner placed on your website that prompts prospects to take some action: [more]
  • 3 easy steps towards a more accessible insurance website

    Though more than 57 million people are living with disabilities in America today, accessibility is often still an afterthought when insurance agency's develop websites. Images are left untagged, making it impossible for the visually impaired to experience important elements of sites. Videos and podcasts are posted without transcripts, making it impossible for the hearing impaired to enjoy multimedia. [more]
  • Does your agency have an "everything we sell" sheet?

    Sometimes in the midst of developing sophisticated marketing strategies, agencies forget the simple things. One of the most effective tools that you can have at the ready when marketing your products is an “everything we sell” sheet. It also happens to be one of the easiest pieces of marketing content that you can create. [more]
  • Use transactional emails to cross-sell more insurance

    It only takes one move - wrapping and packing individual pieces of china, loading a giant moving van, navigating narrow streets and then finding a parking space for said moving van, unloading all of the boxes and furniture, unpacking and unwrapping, finding once again the perfect spot for grandma’s armoire - to realize that you never want to move again. [more]
  • Bring your agency to life with these video marketing ideas

    In previous years, video marketing may have been optional, but new statistics indicate that insurance companies who aren’t investing in the development of branded videos are missing out on an undeniable opportunity. Online videos account for 50% of mobile traffic now, and 55% of internet users watch videos online every day. [more]
  • Increase your market by narrowing your focus

    Part of developing a successful marketing campaign is understanding who your audience is. Another equally important part is knowing who your audience is not. While it seems almost intuitive that a broad marketing focus would expand your market, in fact, the reverse is often true. [more]
  • What is drip marketing and how can insurance agencies use it?

    What if you could stay at the forefront of your prospects’ minds, nurture leads, and provide timely information automatically? Thanks to modern tools, you can through a marketing tactic called drip marketing. [more]
  • The secret to digital mastery is digital humility

    In order to become masters of digital marketing, insurance agencies need to appreciate the value of digital humility. When modern consumers engage with a company, they want to feel personally connected to it, and that requires insurance agencies to use technology to show their humanity. [more]
  • 3 marketing strategies that are losing ground

    Technology changes at a rapid rate, and it drags marketing along with it. While new technologies like social media and PPC advertising may have provided fresh playing fields for marketers, they’ve been accompanied by tools that allow consumers to avoid ever catching wind of these ads. This has made modern consumers less tolerant of traditional interruptive advertising tactics, and it has rendered a few traditional marketing strategies nearly obsolete. [more]
  • What does a quality insurance website look like?

    The insurance industry has a reputation of being slow to adopt new strategies and technologies, and that resistance to a changing marketplace can be particularly dangerous to independent agencies. Agencies that rely on the person-to-person approach to insurance sales that has been effective in the past are likely to become a victim of the Internet Age and modern consumers’ resistance to direct sales. [more]
  • Developing a value proposition that's truly unique

    Each insurance agency offers something unique to customers, or at least, we hope that’s the case. Unfortunately, many agencies - indeed, many companies in every industry - neglect to tell prospects what that unique value is. [more]
  • 50 short and sweet insurance-related Tweets

    The Twittersphere is full of witty, charming people who can fit deliriously entertaining thoughts into 140 characters or less. [more]
  • 5 best insurance blogs to follow

    Writing compelling blog posts on a topic that isn’t necessarily the most exciting can be a challenge, but a few companies out there are making it happen. If you’re wondering where to get started, maybe the best place is to start with a little blog immersion therapy. [more]
  • Traditional marketing is dying. Content is your life insurance.

    Here’s a little pop quiz. What is the purpose of content marketing? [more]
  • Using seasonal concerns to generate relevant content

    Content marketers, that is, marketers who specialize in increasing conversion rates through the use of online content such as company blogs and websites, often have decades of experience under their belt. The image created by the series Mad Men might have convinced many Americans that this marketing work is a breeze to the pros, that it comes so easily that they can spend the rest of their day caught up in intrigue. [more]
  • 5 things your clients want to know about insurance

    People have a lot of questions about insurance, in general. What’s the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage? Do I really need renter insurance? How do I calculate workers compensation premiums? [more]
  • Using your blog to make insurance easier

    Let’s just get this out in the open: insurance isn’t easy to understand. [more]
  • Recycle your insurance agency's pre-existing content

    You’ve got your editorial calendar filled with seasonal content possibilities, and a moment of indescribable relief washes over you. Content worries are a thing of the past, right? [more]
  • Connect insurance agents with clients through social media

    The insurance industry can trace its history back to the medieval era. Though both the industry and the marketing strategies used by the industry have evolved, one tool remains constant: word of mouth. [more]
  • 3 keys to growing your insurance agency

    One of the most memorable quotes from the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption was uttered by Morgan Freeman’s character. He tells the newest inmate of Shawshank, “Get busy living or get busy dying.” It stands out because we all know on some level the validity of the warning, and it applies not only to life but to business. [more]
  • Let your insurance agency's clients shape your message

    Insurance agencies prosper when they understand the goals, worries, and questions on their clients’ minds. Listening when a client speaks, allows agents to assuage their fears and to help them plan for the future. However, taking time to hear what your clients are telling you also benefits your marketing strategy. [more]
  • How outsourcing marketing benefits insurance agencies

    During an average work day, insurance agents juggle multiple responsibilities: generating new leads, gathering data from prospective clients, evaluating clients’ existing policies, customizing insurance programs for individuals or businesses, handling claims, and generally keeping an agency running smoothly. [more]
  • Making contact easier for your clients

    While insurance agents may sometimes feel as forgotten as the Maytag repairman, when your clients face crisis, you quickly rise to the top of their contact list. Because you are such a critical part of making your clients’ lives easier, shouldn’t you also make it easy for them to stay in touch with you? [more]
  • Turning insurance agents into marketing assets

    Many insurance agencies claim that their employees are their greatest asset, and yet when it comes to marketing, employees are often left out of the loop. However, engaging agents and staff in the marketing process will not only bolster your marketing plan, it will also improve your working environment. [more]
  • Providing educational opportunities for insurance agents

    On your last day of college, you may have thought to yourself with a sense of relief, “No more pencils, no more books!” However, if you’re like many adult professionals, you’ve come to a point in your life that you appreciate the advantages gained by continued learning. That’s why professional training opportunities for insurance agents are so valuable. [more]
  • How marketing benefits insurance agents

    I assess the needs of people who vary in age, gender, and income. [more]
  • The benefits of a dedicated marketing team

    Now more than ever, the insurance market lends itself to intense competition. Large firms are able to invest heavily in trendy marketing ploys - from social media campaigns to video marketing, which can put independent firms at a disadvantage. [more]
  • How multimedia improves your insurance agency's marketing reach

    Last week we shared some statistics that we hope convinced you of the necessity of taking a varied approach to your marketing strategy. In particular, we looked at the numbers surrounding multimedia content, and they were revealing. Let’s recap what we know: [more]
  • Does multimedia matter to my independent insurance agency?

    Sixty-one percent of Americans own smartphones. Fifty percent of those smartphone owners engage in close to 200 hours per year playing games on their devices. We live in an era without boredom, and an expectation of entertainment makes marketing ever more challenge in the Digital Age. [more]
  • How email marketing builds relationships with clients

    Since the inception of MySpace in 2003, new social media platforms have been created each year, totaling more than one hundred as of 2015. [more]
  • How a blog can improve your insurance agency's SEO

    In order to compete with larger insurance firms when it comes to online presence, independent insurance agencies need to employ content strategy that will optimize their search engine standing. Fortunately, content marketing strategies are far more affordable than traditional marketing tactics, and they have lasting, proven benefits. [more]
  • Finding your insurance agency's voice and sharing its message

    Ask yourself this question when considering your marketing strategy: Why should anyone choose my small insurance agency? Maybe these were among your first thoughts: Because we’re the best! Because we put clients first! Because we are committed to quality! The problem with these answers is that they’re the exact answers that all of your competition will give. What business isn’t committed to quality? Who would claim that they don’t put clients first? No business owner in her right mind, whether she’s selling insurance or iPods. To effectively market, you’ve got to move well beyond pat answers into the nitty gritty qualities that make your insurance agency unique. What is it that sets your insurance agency apart from any other agency? What do you do best? Do you provide individual consultations with clients? Do you provide a wellness program to support clients? Once you’ve identified the key traits that make your agency special, use that information to tailor your content and make your message unique. Use your company blog, your website, videos, and social media to share your message in a voice that authentically represents your agency. Just like we often have a hard time identifying our own strengths and weaknesses, it can be equally challenging to uncover the specific details that make your business stand out. Having an objective partner helps to speed up the process and move it along smoothly. At Agencies Online, we work to help you identify those qualities that set you apart from the crowd and to make sure that prospective clients get word of your unique offerings. [more]
  • What to give in order to get more clients for your small insurance agency

    A well-designed company website gives smaller insurance agencies a means to provide clients with enticements more valuable than company calendars, mugs, or t-shirts, the costly “free stuff” that larger firms have used in the past to woo clients. On your website, you have an opportunity to provide insight, information, and collaboration that will bring new clientele to you even on a modest marketing budget. What kind of goodies are we talking about? That depends on your target market. Once you’ve identified your client persona, you should have a clear idea of the problems and obstacles that plague them. Use that knowledge to provide solutions to those problems, and make sure that you’re leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to your agency’s front door. Complimentary Advice Insurance is a complicated subject, and many people are mystified by it. Most people in search of a policy welcome advice that seems thoughtful, well-intentioned, and clear. Use your company’s blog to share your expertise and help your market to better understand your services and why they need them. Current marketing research indicates that 81% of consumers trust information and advice found on blogs, and 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company through their blog rather than through advertising. Your company blog is the perfect inbound marketing tool that allows you to give your clients something valuable without exorbitant cost on your part. Complimentary Consultation A strong call to action on your website will engage prospective clients. Include a bold CTA button that encourages site visitors to get in touch with your experts for a complimentary consultation can be a powerful tool if done correctly, and they’re proven to increase conversion rates. Because some companies use this tactic merely to launch into a sales pitch, it can turn potential clients off if you don’t provide a clear idea of how they’ll benefit from the consultation. The copy of your CTA should demonstrate the specific advantage of such a consultation, whether it’s a quote from an insurance expert or a professional liability risk assessment. Complimentary Support Providing your clients with online chat support allows you to give individualized attention to clients and added value to your program. Support can also be given via social media. Despite being a much smaller airline, JetBlue has gained an incredible fan base by providing support to clients via Twitter. Leveraging social media in this way serves two functions. First, you can provide dissatisfied or frustrated clients with immediate attention and reassurance. Second, if you do it well, your public efforts will be noted by other social media users, netting a larger market. If you’re interested in developing an effective marketing strategy that won’t cost a fortune, contact the insurance marketing specialists at Agencies Online. [more]
  • Creating differentiated marketing strategies based on client personas

    <h2>Let’s recap!</h2> One of the benefits of client personas is that they allow you to narrow your focus as you develop your marketing strategies. They remind you that one ad will not appeal to all women because women share different backgrounds and needs. Likewise, a generational label doesn’t mean that all individuals categorized by the label will respond in the same way to the same strategies. Last week, we looked at two unique model client personas. Here’s a little info about the personas we developed, representing two unique market segments: Market Name Age Income Education 1 Dorothy B. 50 $60K College 2 Sophia B. 27 $42K College While there’s clearly some overlap between our market segments, we’ll want to approach them in different ways, taking into consideration their needs, desires, fears, and pain points. Market Segment 1: Dorothy B. As a Baby Boomer growing up during the Golden Age of advertising, Dorothy has been pretty well desensitized to slick marketing. You insurance firm will benefit from more personal interactions with Dorothy and her cohort. A few options include: Live chat on your website, enabling clients to share concerns Instant messaging, providing immediate responsiveness to problems Dorothy will also respond well to content that addresses her particular concerns using a friendly tone. Blog posts, videos, and newsletters tailored to the pain points experienced by Dorothy and her peers will be well received. It’s important to remember though that content should be fresh and relevant. Market Segment 2: Sophia B. Sophia represents a particular segment of the Millennial generation, and she and her peers have a unique set of concerns. They’ve come of age during a time of economic extremes. Despite an increasing number of educated young people, the job market is not encouraging. Excesses of past generations have given us expensive smart phones and hybrid cars, but they’ve left many Millennials looking beyond materialism. To appeal to Sophie’s cohort, small insurance companies should align themselves with Millennial tendencies towards collaboration and activism. Businesses like Credo, the phone company with a conscience, appeal to Millennials who want to be a part of socially conscious movements. Social media is also an effective platform from which to connect with Millennials. Make social media posts fun and informative and personal. Use a voice that is personal and authentic. How do you cover all of your marketing bases as a small insurance agency? Targeted, effective marketing requires a commitment to a variety of strategies, which presents a challenge to smaller insurance agencies. At Agencies Online, we team with agencies like yours to provide all of the benefits of a dedicated marketing department on a much more economical budget, saving you time and building your business. [more]
  • Create effective buyer personas for your insurance agency

    Let’s recap! A buyer persona is a carefully constructed portrait of each of your significant market segments. It personifies a market segment to give you a more accurate picture of your existing and prospective clients. What if? What if your small, independent insurance agency has decided to target a single Millennial female audience, which we’ll name Marketing Segment No. 2? An uninformed agency may decide that their current approach to marketing will work for any demographic, but can you be sure? Imagine that your traditional market has consisted of married, female Baby Boomers, which we’ll call Marketing Segment No. 1. Knowing some of the defining features of each market will give you a more informed stance from which to determine an effective marketing strategy. Take a look at these model personas and consider how they might affect your marketing campaign. Market Segment No. 1, Dorothy B. [more]
  • How buyer personas focus an insurance agency's marketing strategies

    When developing your marketing campaign, taking time to put a face to what may otherwise remain abstract data about prospective clients helps small insurance agencies offer the sort of boutique service that lets them stand out from larger firms. Creating a buyer persona will help you develop a fuller understanding of your clients’ needs and their pain points. Using that information, you’ll find tailoring services and products to suit your clients to be a much simpler task. Today, we’re answering a few of the most commonly asked questions about buyer personas, starting with… What exactly is a buyer persona? A buyer persona is a carefully constructed portrait of each of your significant market segments. It personifies a market segment to give you a more accurate picture of your existing and prospective clients. How many personas should I create? That depends on how many market segments you intend to reach out to. In general, three to five unique personas are sufficient to cover the majority of your customers as well as addressing distinct groups. What data should I include when developing a buyer persona? Demographic Information Age</li> Gender</li> Income Level</li> Location</li> Education</li> Goals & Needs Behavior Patterns Challenges & Pain Points Get Creative! It may help you to give these personas a little personality by naming them and even using a stock photo to make them feel more real. By taking the time to create buyer personas up front, you’ll develop a marketing plan that can zero in on your target markets effectively. [more]
  • Building An Annual Sales Plan

    Our strategic partner, David Estrada from Rainmaker Advisory, has written a white paper regarding the critical need for building an Annual Sales Plan. David and his team have worked with our agencies in both sales coaching and goal setting with some amazing results. We hope you will take the time to download and read the attached document and craft a plan for your producers and your agency. Should you wish to speak to David regarding his services, you can contact him at or by calling 503.716.8449. [more]
  • Freshen up your insurance agency's online presence

    A business’ relationship with its website follows similar stages to many a romantic relationship. During the early days, you’re excited about all of the possibilities. You even learn a little web developer lingo so that you can be a part of the creative process. Plans are made, colors and designs are chosen lovingly. Time passes, as it must. The website moves into production, and then it’s published in all of its glory. Your independent insurance agency finally has a face to show the world; you’ve built an online presence that you’re proud of. You show it off to your friends and family; you eagerly direct clients to your site. More time passes. You’re busy. (Hopefully even busier due to your phenomenal website.) You’re preoccupied with your work, and you begin to take your website for granted. After all, it’s not going anywhere. The work is done. Your website doesn’t need you anymore. When you’re in a romantic relationship, that’s about the time things go stale. It may surprise you to learn that the same thing happens with your business website! If you forget about your website, it’s entirely possible that your website is becoming forgettable. Just like your romantic relationships, your relationship with your website sometimes needs a little TLC. So how do you keep your online presence lively and engaging? How do you avoid falling into a website rut? We’ve got a few answer to those questions. Generate compelling content In order to keep your website fresh, it helps to have a consistent infusion of fresh content. Blogs are one way to accomplish this goal. Even a brief monthly blog post, if it’s relevant and interesting, can keep your website from becoming stagnant. Plus, blog posts provide a setting for naturally using keyword phrases, which improves SEO and makes it easier for prospective clients to find your site. If you’re using social media, like Twitter, a feed installed on your homepage can add movement as well as steadily updated information without much effort on your part. Make a date with your website Take time once a month to quickly skim through your website and find passages that might be out of date or even erroneous. With the passage of time, businesses tend to develop new focuses, offer new products, or even eliminate older services and products. Making a date with your website ensures that it’s always up to the minute and accurate. Capture special moments with pictures Whether it’s a company picnic or just a great day in the office, take time to snap photos of your staff and clientele occasionally. Adding photos of “real people” as opposed to stock photos can make a huge difference in the appearance of your website. Be ready to connect wherever you are Responsive web design has become more important with the popularity of smart phones. According to the Pew Research Institute, 63% of adult cell owners use their phones to go online, and for up to 34% of cell internet users, their phone is their primary source for internet access. An out of date website that doesn’t take into account these statistics needs to be updated right away to be mobile ready. Worried you don’t have that much time for your website? Consider Agencies Online your relationship counselor. We get to know your business and your goals, and then we use that knowledge to help you keep your online presence fresh. You don’t have to do it all yourself after all. Give us a call today to begin developing a plan to build your insurance agency’s online presence. [more]
  • Developing a social media platform for your independent insurance agency

    With thousands of insurance agencies vying for a limited market, the idea of standing out from the crowd can be intimidating, maybe even a little hopeless. Large firms have dedicated marketing departments with nothing but time to invent creative schemes for capturing the imaginations of global audiences, but what about the little guys? Is it possible for smaller independent agencies to win the hearts and minds of their target markets? Absolutely. It’s not even necessary to bankrupt your agency in pursuit of a no fail gimmick like a talking animal to do it. A market is more than a faceless crowd. It’s composed of thousands, even millions, of individuals all seeking a little personal attention and gratification. While it’s clearly impossible to reach out to each potential client individually, social media makes it possible for small insurance agencies to connect with many individuals personally, gaining their trust and confidence so that they become satisfied, long-term clients. It’s not necessary to adopt every social media forum to build successful social media campaigns, however. Before jumping in, consider the answer to a few common questions. Which social media platform should my business use? We can answer this question in two words; unfortunately, they’re not immediately helpful words: It depends. The three major players in the social media world, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, each offers unique opportunities for connecting with a target audience; however, not all opportunities are created equally. If your agency primarily serves the business community, LinkedIn should be considered a must. If on the other hand, you serve individuals, Twitter and Facebook each have benefits. Knowing your market and even having an idea of your buyer persona will provide the guidance necessary in choosing the most appropriate social media for your agency. What should my business post to social media? Any social media platform offers a way for you to share information and insight with a wide audience. Your chosen platform is one of the best stages for you to showcase your expertise, and you can even draw potential and existing clients to your website if you use your timeline to share links back to your blog. A word of warning: Go easy when it comes to direct advertising on social media. Sending constant blasts about your business is a sure fire way to get yourself unfollowed. Instead, take time to share relevant and interesting posts from a variety of sources. How can I make time to post to social media regularly? Fortunately, by collaborating with a team of marketers who are experts in the needs of insurance agencies, you can gain all the advantages of social media without having to carve out large blocks of time. At AgenciesOnline, one of the many services we offer is social media management, so if you’re interested in making your presence felt online, contact us today! [more]
  • Diversify your insurance agency's content!

    Engaging your existing and prospective clients year round has never been easier. Cutting edge and affordable tools for sharing varied, quality digital content allow even small insurance agencies to reach broad, global audiences while tried and true traditional strategies add a personal feeling for more intimate, targeted audiences. Let’s take a look at some of the content that your independent insurance agency should consider experimenting with this year to achieve maximum marketing potential. Blogging Because you’ve chosen a boutique approach to insurance, it’s likely that you have specialized knowledge about your chosen market. A blog allows you to share your unique insights, adding value to your agency while demonstrating your expertise. Not only are you offering your audience the gift of your wisdom in a field that can seem rarified to many clients, buy you’re also optimizing your website’s discoverability and improving your organic search results through the conversational use of keywords. Social Media Some social media platforms are more useful than others. Choosing the right tool to reach your particular audience is critical in making social media work for you. However, once you’ve identified your target audience and the platform that will most effectively reach them, social media becomes an incredibly powerful means of making personal connections with clients. A few businesses have mastered employing social media to make even the dullest topics engaging. JetBlue has built a loyal following by taking time to respond personally to clients on Twitter. H&R Block made tax season fun with a social media campaign that took advantage of the hipster trend. Imagine building your own client base in less than 140 characters! Email Marketing Email marketing bridges the divide between ultra-modern, technology-driven strategies and more traditional advertising campaigns. Considering the fact that 44% of email recipients have been persuaded to purchase products after seeing them first in an email marketing campaign, there’s no question of the potential value of the inbox for small insurance agencies. Email marketing campaigns feel more personal than some other communication tools. For recipients, that mass-generated email can actually feel as if it was intended just for them when its done well, and an elegant, compelling email can be the breadcrumb that leads your client back to your website. Newsletters A well thought out newsletter can work as a digital or a traditional marketing strategy. It can be sent directly to an inbox, or if you have more conservative clients, newsletters can be sent through the good old-fashioned post. Either way, a newsletter can reach clients who might not be as comfortable with more robust, modern forms of marketing. Collaboration Making the most of these diverse platforms as well as dozens of others can be daunting to independent insurance agencies with no dedicated marketing department. Collaborating with a team of marketers who specialize in insurance markets allows even the smallest agencies to gain a powerful voice and presence. If your insurance agency wants to take steps to diversify your content strategies, give Agencies Online a call. Our experts tailor marketing plans that meet the specific needs of small agencies just like yours. [more]
  • 5 marketing resolutions for independent insurance agencies

    Sometimes it seems as if no one gets excited about insurance until they actually need insurance. It’s easy to forget all about hard-working agents the rest of the time, focusing on more exciting products like flat screen tvs and video game consoles. However, a new year brings new opportunities for insurance agencies to connect with prospective clients through innovative, fresh marketing strategies. Insurance doesn’t have to be a forgotten friend; through engaging content and web design, even small insurance agencies can build year round relationships with clients. Make a few resolutions this New Year to kick start a whole new era of exciting - yes, we said it - exciting insurance marketing. 1. Diversify content strategies You’ve probably heard them all: blogging, social media, email marketing, etc. Between traditional marketing campaigns and new opportunities afforded by technology, there’s no shortage of opportunities to engage your existing and prospective clients year round in subtle, personal, and diverse ways. 2. Freshen up content When was the last time you looked at your agency's website? Often, we forget to look at the face we present to the world, but your website is the first impression people have of your agency. A fresh, clean landing page with content optimized for search engine discovery assures your clients that you know what you’re doing. 3. Go mobile Speaking of your website, how does it look on your cell phone or on your iPad? A responsive website design is critical in an age when 63% of adults use their phones to access the internet. That clean design should translate to a small screen for maximum impact. 4. Make the most of social media While new social media platforms are being built every day, a few stand out as giants still: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, in particular. Are you using these to build relationships with your clients? If not, you’re missing a golden opportunity. 5. Get in their inbox Email marketing campaigns remain a powerful tool for connecting with your clients. Use custom crafted content to stay in touch with your clients through their inboxes. Planning and maintaining a content marketing strategy that works takes time and effort, something that many small insurance agencies simply can’t muster. At Agencies Online, we provide the services of a dedicated marketing department at a fraction of the cost. Contact our insurance marketing experts to learn how we can help you engage your clients in 2015. [more]
  • AgenciesOnline Sponsoring Webinar with Emily Huling, February 12, 2014

    AgenciesOnline is again pleased to sponsor a webinar featuring Emily Huling, President of Selling Strategies. Emily is well known in the insurance industry for her down to earth, practical approach to sales, servicing, and leadership. Emily's webinar will cover: How to create an emotional connection; What's most important to clients; and How to articulate why clients should buy from you.If you are interested in attending, please send an email to [more]
  • Cold Weather

    The cold temperatures are affecting much of the United States; and with it an opportunity to post to your social media pages and your website with important safety messages. From emergency car kits, to driving in severe weather, to ice dams, and freezing pipes, your clients and visitors to your website will benefit from this tips. Keep warm! [more]
  • Start the New Year with a Strategic Plan

    You know the saying, if you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. Well, that sure is true! If you don't have a plan which clearly defines what you want to achieve as an individual and an agency, you might take a road that leads to a dead end. Take the time to view your book of business, look for opportunities, and set a strategy that you carefully follow through out the year. [more]

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