Why an integrated marketing strategy is critical for your agency

Why an integrated marketing strategy is critical for your agency

Customer experience is at the heart of every transaction

In the past, the insurance industry hasn’t set the world on fire with its customer experience practices. Processes have been complicated. Consumer education has been lacking. Human touch points have been few and far between. This has led to a perception of insurance agencies as a necessary evil in the minds of some consumers. As consumer demand for greater transparency, ease of use, and personalization increases, the insurance agencies that thrive will focus on closing the gap between the expectations of modern consumers and their actual lived experiences.

No single channel is a silver bullet for insurance agencies

Many insurance agencies have cobbled together a marketing strategy by tacking on each new tactic as it arises. Conventional marketing channels like cold calls and direct mailers have been supplemented by a disjointed, often sporadic, effort at promotional emails and blogs and social media. While a multi-channel approach to marketing is most effective for modern agencies, it’s important that all platforms, tools, and tactics are working in unison.

An integrated marketing strategy creates a unified agency message

Rather than implementing each marketing method in a vacuum, an integrated marketing strategy synthesizes communication efforts to reinforce messages and maximize their effectiveness. At the core of an integrated strategy is an accurate understanding of the priorities and pains of the target audience. Starting with an audience-centered messaging strategy ensures a unified approach to communication that optimizes customer experience. 

Consistent messaging creates a seamless experience for prospects

By developing a unified, customer-focused communication strategy, insurance agencies can more effectively share their values and benefits across multiple platforms. No matter where prospects interact with your agency, their experiences will be seamless and consistent. This builds the reputation of an agency as both transparent and dependable, two qualities that consumers are eagerly seeking in their risk management advisors.

By integrating strategies, agencies optimize their marketing spend

In addition to creating a more unified, seamless experience for consumers, an integrated marketing strategy helps agencies get more from their marketing budget. The most effective strategies are well-coordinated, maximizing the value of each element of the strategy. By analysing how each element functions to reinforce every other, agencies can evaluate the strategic role that each channel and message plays and determine which have the best ROI. 

AgenciesOnline works with independent insurance agencies to develop powerful integrated marketing strategies

AgenciesOnline provides all the benefit of a full-time marketing department at a fraction of the cost and narrows the marketing gap between small and large firms. We collaborate with you, our valued client, to build an integrated platform combining technology with authentic human relationships. As you might expect, this partnership results in increased sales, personalized service, and streamlined productivity. Contact us today to get started!