Annual Reviews to Connect to Clients

Annual Reviews to Connect to Clients

Why do clients leave insurance agencies? Most of the time, it has less to do with rates and more to do with responsiveness. According to a survey conducted by Rocket Referrals, 8 out of 10 clients defect because they lack “regular and meaningful communication from the business.”

It can be a challenge for busy agents to find time to connect with clients, but it’s critical that you find ways to overcome this obstacle. When you’re not touching base with clients, they perceive that as indifference. It’s hard to trust someone who doesn’t seem to care about you, and there’s very little incentive to maintain a relationship with them.

The best way to build better communication into your processes is to automate some aspects of your agency’s operations, especially those related to interactions. Annual reviews provide a perfect opportunity to touch base with clients and get meaningful feedback on your performance and how they feel about it.

Showing clients that you care about their input can increase client satisfaction, strengthen relationships, and improve your agency’s services. It demonstrates your commitment to your clients’ well-being and offers valuable insights on areas where your agency may risk losing clients without new strategies.

Try these tips for connecting with clients during your next annual review

  1. Provide clients with an easy to complete scorecard that allows them to rate you quantitatively on specific metrics like rates, communication, and offerings.
  2. Limit the amount of work clients have to do on the review, but do offer a space for them to provide qualitative feedback in the form of a comment field.
  3. Follow up with clients afterwards to thank them for their time via a quick phone call.
  4. Review the feedback that you’ve received as an agency and create a strategy for addressing problem areas identified by clients.
  5. Implement your strategy to improve your agency services.
  6. Tell your clients how they’ve influenced your new strategies and how you will be following through in a newsletter or email to show your commitment to their satisfaction.
  7. During the next annual review, remind clients of their earlier input and ask them how your performance has improved based on it.

Engaging clients in your review process shows that you value their satisfaction and that you’re not merely giving lip service to their feedback. You’re using it to take action for their benefit.

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