Aligning Your Agency's Messages with Its Mission

Aligning Your Agency's Messages with Its Mission

Take a look at the following insurance agency mission statement and see if you can identify what they have in common:

The Cumberland Insurance Group

It is the mission of The Cumberland Insurance Group to provide its policyholders with peace of mind and protection that fulfills their ever changing needs through a commitment to profitability, financial stability, excellent customer experience and professionalism.

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

To provide peace of mind to our customers through sound insurance and exceptional service.

At first glance, The Cumberland Insurance Group’s lengthy mission statement may seem radically different from West Bend’s more succinct statement. However, each covers three essential components of a mission statement:

  • What they do,
  • How they do it, and
  • Whom they do it for.

Why is a mission statement important to independent insurance agencies?

A mission statement lets your prospects know the unique value you offer to your clients. It tells them what they can expect, and as long as you follow up on your mission, those clients will remain loyal. 

Beyond setting expectations for clients, a mission statement also provides a useful guide for developing the rest of your agency’s messaging. After all, if you’re committed to your mission statement, the values expressed in it should show up in the rest of your marketing materials. 

Research shows that hearing something repeated is often enough to convince us of its truth. When you combine efforts to actively demonstrate your commitment to your agency’s mission statement with regular reinforcement of that mission through messaging, you build trust with your clients. 

Where should you reinforce your mission statement?

Your insurance agency website

If we look at Cumberland’s website, we should see a commitment to profitability, financial stability, excellent customer experience and professionalism in one form or another in page titles, headings, and body text. For example, their commercial lines page would be enhanced by adding the tagline:

Profitable commercial lines for commercial policyholders

In the introductory body text, the agency might start with the following:

Our professional agents are committed to ensuring the financial stability and lucrative outcomes of our policyholders in the business world.

It’s not necessary to use the same exact wording to get your message across. However, the main ideas of your mission statement should be promoted across your agency’s website.

Your social media platforms 

You can strengthen your mission statement by reiterating it on your social media platforms. A Facebook post might ask and briefly answer the question: 

How do we protect our profitable business clients? 

Your paid advertising

Make the most of paid advertising by driving home your mission statement:

Protect your profits and secure your peace of mind.

Your in-person communications

Don’t forget that most critical touchpoint in-person messaging. When agents meet with clients or call them on the phone, your agency’s mission statement should be front of mind and guiding each communication.

Aligning your agency’s messages with its mission can simplify and enhance marketing efforts. While you should avoid being repetitive, driving home your mission statement will make your agency’s brand more memorable and more trustworthy. Need help? Get in touch with the insurance marketing professionals at AgenciesOnline.