What the data says about texting with your clients

What the data says about texting with your clients

Recently, the techies at ZipWhip released a report on the state of texting in business environments. In addition to confirming the fact that texting is now an expectation among consumers, it provided specific insights on how businesses like independent insurance agencies can capitalize on the technology.

What do consumers think about texting?

67% of consumers prefer a text when it comes to alerts

Whether you’re reminding your policyholders about renewals, notifying them about policy changes, or sending a notification about a pending appointment, a text message is preferred over emails or phone calls by most consumers.

74% of people prefer a real person on the other end of the SMS

While chatbots are gaining traction and becoming more personable through advanced AI, most consumers prefer to text with a real person.

3 out of 4 consumers are frustrated when they can’t reply to a text

If you do take advantage of chatbots, be sure to use a ten-digit phone number so that policyholders can easily call to speak with a live customer service provider.

58% of customers have tried to reply to a missed call via text

Be sure you have your insurance agency’s phone text-enabled, so policyholders have the option of returning missed calls using their preferred communication method.

How are businesses using texting?

ZipWhip found that businesses across a variety of industries are already using texting to streamline workflows and optimize customer touchpoints. Insurance agencies should be taking advantage of the trend, too. Your agency could use texting in any of the following workflows:

  • Scheduling appointments, reminders, and renewals
  • Customer support
  • Sales, cross-sells, and inquiries
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Billing and collection
  • Recruiting and staffing

How can your insurance agency get started with texting?

Get in touch with the insurance marketing experts at AgenciesOnline. We specialize in helping independent insurance agencies adopt the most cutting edge strategies for reaching policyholders and prospects where they want to be met. Get in touch today to learn how we’re simplifying SMS for agencies like yours.