How an agency website can facilitate post-emergency recovery

How an agency website can facilitate post-emergency recovery

The annual number of natural disasters has rapidly increased in recent years. During 2018 alone, U.S. citizens were impacted by 14 separate billion-dollar disasters: two tropical cyclones, eight severe storms, two winter storms, droughts, and wildfires. When your policyholders are in the path of one of these events, your independent insurance agency’s website can prepare them for the worst and streamline their recovery in the aftermath.

Educational content

Your website should be a reliable resource of information for policyholders to turn to when a storm or other disaster is threatening. You could provide up-to-the-minute risk-related news on your agency’s blog, perennial emergency preparedness content in your agency’s online library, and even webinars and interactive workbooks to guide policyholders through times of crisis.

Early warnings

If you integrate SMS marketing into your digital strategy, you can deliver advanced warnings to policyholders automatically through your website’s SMS dashboard. This allows you to alert clients regarding emergency procedures as well as notifying them if disaster-related policies are in need of an update. SMS can also be used to check in with many clients simultaneously after an emergency event that affects an entire community.

Claims assistance mechanism

In the aftermath of a large event, you may have dozens or even hundreds of clients who need to file a claim at once. You can simplify the claims filing process by integrating a claims assistance mechanism on your site. This allows your website to robustly fulfill its function as your around-the-clock agent on call.

Post-disaster recovery

To get back on their feet, your policyholders will likely require more assistance and support than even the best insurance policy can offer. A digital product add-on like Benetechs allows your agency to extend your pre-, mid-, and post-disaster services without overextending your staff.

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