What are you doing to support your producers/agents with marketing materials?

What are you doing to support your producers/agents with marketing materials?

While marketing and sales are often used as interchangeable terms, they’re actually two different tasks. Marketing is the strategy devised to attract new prospects to your agency and to nurture leads. Sales is the act of converting those leads. Understanding the difference makes it clear why a comprehensive marketing plan is in the best interest of your producers. When you support your agents with a marketing plan, you afford them the opportunity to focus on closing. 

What should your marketing plan look like?


Your marketing strategy should be aligned with your insurance agency’s business goals. How many new prospects are you trying to reach via different marketing platforms? Do you need to focus on reducing your policyholder turnover rates? Set specific, measurable, achievable goals.


Study your current client list and make a note of your most desirable clients. What traits do they share? Identify the demographic and psychographic traits that define your ideal clients. Be as precise as possible in developing your client avatar. Clearly define their goals, challenges, and obstacles to conversion.


Assess your competitor’s website, marketing, and reviews and determine what they’re doing well and where they’ve left an opening for you to oust them. Determine the major differences between your agency’s offerings and theirs, and capitalize on those differences as a competitive advantage. 


Your marketing strategy should take into account current policyholders as well as prospects. It should make the most of several marketing platforms to extend your reach, and it should include in-person tactics as well as digital, such as networking at community events


Once you’ve got your marketing strategy in place, it’s important to review it each month. Comparing your marketing data to your closed sales should provide input on which efforts are netting qualified leads for your agents to close. As you learn which efforts provide the greatest results, you can make adjustments to your plan.

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