5 Marketing Directives Shared by Successful Insurance Agencies

5 Marketing Directives Shared by Successful Insurance Agencies

Each independent insurance agency has its own unique mission. One agency may focus on giving clients access to top-of-the-line healthcare. Another may make their main priority securing local businesses against risk. Whatever the charge, the most successful agencies rely on these five marketing directives to achieve their goal.  

Support the agency’s mission

In marketing, a consistent message is critical. It’s what makes your agent memorable. Each marketing message should clearly relay or support the agency’s mission to shape client expectations and build a shared vision with team members. Naturally, different campaigns will use different verbiage and may share different benefits of working with your agency. However, every message should have the agency’s mission at its heart.

Develop a data-driven marketing strategy

If you’re marketing without data, you’re marketing without a strategy. You can expect mixed results and an immeasurable ROI. Smart agencies use the wealth of data at their fingertips to deliver the message their target market needs at the exact moment it’s relevant. They use analytics to track and measure the ROI of marketing campaigns to prevent wasteful spending. It’s this focus on the facts that allows agencies to develop strategies that meet both their own needs and the needs of their prospects.

Share positive impacts

The purpose of insurance is to free people from the fear of everyday (and unexpected) risks. While some agencies use marketing strategies to rouse those fears among prospects, more successful agencies focus on the positive benefits of their services. They remind their audiences of the good they do, showcasing stories that highlight the positive impact they have on their community. 

Generate new revenue opportunities

The most successful insurance agencies seek out new revenue opportunities by searching for gaps in the market, unmet challenges, and emerging risks and hazards. They regularly analyze data about clients to reveal consumer behaviors and expectations that haven’t been previously identified, and then they use this information to craft novel campaigns that fill the gaps, meet the challenges and respond to the new risks and behaviors.

Improve the experience of clients

Improving the satisfaction levels of existing clients is just as important as finding new clients. In fact, it’s more cost-effective to keep old clients than to win new ones. Savvy insurance agents use the data they gather from marketing efforts to inform customer service and improve policyholders’ experiences. 

Your partner in meeting your marketing goals

The insurance industry is constantly changing to meet the demands created by new risks and new consumer expectations. At Agencies Online, we provide independent insurance agencies with the support they need to develop data-driven, innovative strategies that meet your marketing goals. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about our services.