How social media supports niche marketing efforts

How social media supports niche marketing efforts

Enterprising insurance agents have begun to explore niche markets as a way to differentiate themselves from a crowded market. From insuring international adoptions to inland marine coverage, specialty markets offer independent insurance agencies an opportunity to build unique expertise and unparalleled market expansion. If your agency is dipping into a niche market, social media can play a powerful role in supporting your efforts.

Understand your niche market

Most social media platforms provide users with data analytics that reveal how posts are performing as well as some demographic data. As such, these platforms can be powerful tools for learning more about your market and for refining your niche messaging. 

Tip: Beyond the automated analytics that come standard with social platforms, you can learn more subjective information about your market through their comments. Try asking questions (or asking your audience to ask youquestions) in posts to encourage your audience to connect. You’ll build a deeper understanding of your target market through these interactions.

Hyper-target your advertising

Unlike more traditional advertising channels like transit ads and television spots, which target a general audience, social media ads can be hyper-targeted to audiences that most resemble your niche prospects. This allows you to get the most bang for your marketing buck while ensuring your message is delivered to the precise policyholder you want to capture.

Tip: On Facebook, agents can build a Lookalike audience easily using pixels from a high-converting web pages, the emails of existing clientele, or based on engagement within Facebook. This allows you to generate new leads with very little effort.

Make direct connections with your ideal policyholder

Of course, it’s important to remember that social media platforms aren’t designed for advertising. They’re designed for socializing. One of the best ways to use a platform to grow your niche audience is by reaching out to them person-to-person. Instead of focusing on selling your services, focus on building relationships that make you memorable and relatable. 

Tip: Set aside 5-10 minutes a day to connect with individuals who fit your ideal policyholder profile. Don’t just like a post. Comment on it insightfully and authentically.

Share your expertise

Independent insurance agents who specialize in a niche are often experts in a field that may be confusing even to generalist agents. Use your social media platforms to showcase your experience and knowledge by sharing blog posts, explainer videos, and infographics that enlighten your audience. 

Tip: Because social media posts have such a short lifespan, it’s perfectly acceptable to share the same blog post several times per month. Simply switch up the caption to put the information in a new light. You’ll also learn a lot about developing captions that capture your audience’s attention!

If you’re considering launching into a new niche market, get in touch with the insurance marketing experts at AgenciesOnline for support in your marketing efforts!