Why TV isn't the only option for insurance marketing

Why TV isn't the only option for insurance marketing

Over the last two decades, large insurance companies like Geico and Allstate have dedicated increasingly more of their marketing spend on television advertising. The catchy and cost-prohibitive commercials run frequently during the early morning hours and continue through the afternoon when target markets are more likely to be watching. They pop up often during syndicated talk shows, local news programs, and even during primetime events.

While there can be no argument that television advertising is still an effective channel for agents, many independent agencies can’t keep up with corporations when it comes to that kind of capital output. Fortunately, modern media allows for plenty of other options that shouldn’t be overlooked by independent agencies making the most of a modest marketing budget. A more diverse, modern approach to reaching new clients can build trust and differentiate you from competitors while also saving money.

Over-the-top advertising

No, we’re not suggesting you make your television ads more flamboyant. Over-the-top advertising refers to advertisement spots on streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. As more Americans binge their favorite shows on their phone or tablet, these ad spots become increasingly valuable. 

OTT advertising offers several distinct advantages over traditional television advertising. Prospects are more likely to investigate an independent agency further if they see an ad while streaming because it’s an easy click to their browser screen. Ad spots on streaming platforms also provide rich, actionable data on your target market.

Outdoor advertising

If OTT is the newest frontier in marketing, outdoor advertising is one of the most tried and tested. And it still works. A clever, memorable billboard or transit ad has the power to surprise viewers and keep you front of mind wherever your target market may be. It makes your agency part of the public landscape.

The impact of outdoor advertising doesn’t have to stay outdoors. In fact, imaginative billboards and bench signs often show up in social media feeds, and you can use these out-of-home ads to steer people towards your online channels and even measure their impact. For instance, linking a billboard to a landing page or offering an exclusive promotional code on your transit poster allows you to track engagement with your outdoor ads.

The best marketing strategy is a diverse marketing strategy

AgenciesOnline has helped independent insurance agencies around the country grow their call volume and increase their conversion rates. We’ve helped secure tv spots and engineered OTT. We’ve developed social media campaigns and launched radio advertisements. No matter what tactics we use, we always base our decisions on data. Who are your clients? Where are they coming from? How can we bring more into the fold? Get answers to your marketing questions and calls from new clients today. Contact us for a consultation.