Online or In-Person Quotes

Online or In-Person Quotes

If you’re an independent insurance agent wondering whether an online quote generator can replace you, breathe a sigh of relief. While it’s true that nearly a quarter of all insurance sales now take place online, many more sales only start online. Convenient digital tools like quote estimators allow consumers to take control of their insurance portfolio, but when they’re ready to convert, most want the option of a friendly agent to help guide decision-making.

What are the advantages of a quote estimator for your prospects?

An insurance quote estimator makes it easy for consumers to gather data on comparable insurance agencies, broadening their purchase options. It engages them in the process so that they begin to get a better understanding of insurance rates and terms. As such, a quote estimator is an empowering consumer touchpoint that can qualify leads during the early stages of the buyer’s journey.

What are the disadvantages for your prospects?

Lest you still believe that you could ever be replaced by a plugin, remember that each prospect brings unique challenges and requirements to the table. It takes an insurance expert to build a portfolio that meets individual policyholder needs and takes advantage of the best provider rates. 

How to capitalize on your online quote generator 

Consumers aren’t the only people who benefit from online quote generators. When agencies use these powerful tools as lead magnets, they gain a competitive edge as well. In addition to gaining access to your prospects’ inboxes, you gain information on what they’re looking for and what problems they may be facing. 

Follow up on automated quote requests with an email to capitalize on your prospect’s interest and begin nurturing a relationship. Remind them that an online quote is convenient but an in-person quote ensures more accurate coverage and an opportunity to find hidden savings. Offer several available meeting times and remember to thank them for visiting your site. If you really want to kick it up a notch, link to a couple of relevant posts on your blog that might interest the prospect.

An online quote generator isn’t the end of the independent insurance agent. It’s the beginning of a new kind of relationship that cedes more control to the consumer and repositions the agent as a guide or mentor rather than a salesperson. 

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