Building a comprehensive insurance marketing campaign

Building a comprehensive insurance marketing campaign

Springtime isn’t just perfect for weddings and graduations. It’s also a great time to run a focused insurance marketing campaign. People are re-energized by the fresh air and the longer days, and they’re itching to get their lives organized. That means they’ve got the bandwidth to consider housekeeping tasks like assessing their insurance needs. 

Adding a limited time marketing campaign to your regularly scheduled marketing strategy can serve as a powerful reminder to your clients and prospects of particular insurance needs that they may not have considered previously. You might focus on travel insurance for summer vacation or events insurance for those springtime special occasions. 


The place to start with any promotional campaign is identifying your target market. If your agency serves a wide cross-section of your community, it’s a good idea to create personas for niches. By taking time to understand the circumstances of unique client demographics, their differing goals and worries, you can align your campaigns to speak directly to their motivations. A fine-tuned client persona allows you to fine-tune your message, which greatly increases a campaign’s chances of success. 


Once you’ve gained greater insight into the sub-groups that make up your target markets, you’re ready to develop your agency’s unique value proposition. A unique value proposition is most effective when it is aligned to your audience’s needs and pain points. For instance, if you’re selling insurance to the burgeoning Latina market, you may want to focus on your agency’s adept use of technology and multilingual capabilities


With your persona and your UVP in hand, you can begin to plan out your campaign. A comprehensive marketing campaign is often centered around a single, recognizable theme because we tend to remember things that we hear often. We also tend to more readily believe things that we hear more than once. In other words, you want your theme to focus on one potent central idea that reflects your target audience’s beliefs and goals while delivering your unique value proposition. 

On the flip side, you’ll want to share that one central message across multiple platforms to ensure the widest reach. Take time to create an editorial calendar that organizes your efforts so that each touchpoint offers a unique interpretation of your message. Messaging in a direct mailer can be lengthier, offering greater insight and depth than a social media post, for instance, which is better suited to hooking clients and reeling them back to your website.


Which platforms should you plan to use for your agency’s springtime marketing campaign? While it’s often more effective to focus on one or two major platforms for your big picture marketing strategy, a focused strategy with a single, powerful message can be delivered simultaneously across multiple platforms for greatest reach over a shorter period. Don’t overlook traditional media like pamphlets and direct mailers when you’re running a marketing campaign. Each of these can offer substantial benefits during a focused campaign.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Media
  • Radio

If you’re not sure how to get started with your springtime marketing campaign, get in touch with the specialists at AgenciesOnline. We work with hundreds of insurance agencies around the country to build irresistible marketing campaigns, and we’d love to work with you, too.

Which of your agency’s products would most benefit from a focused marketing campaign?