SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

The average American consumer spends upwards of four hours per day on their cell phones, and more than half of global consumers feel anxious when they don’t have their cell phone ready at hand, according to a study by Nielsen. In other words, if you want to have direct contact with your clients, reach for your phone. 

Owing to the rapidly growing number of cell phone users, SMS marketing should be an integral part of any independent insurance agency’s marketing strategy. American consumers, in general, and Millennial consumers, in particular, show a marked preference for communications delivered via SMS over social and even email. In fact, one report shows that SMS has a 98 percent open rate, and that 90 percent of SMS messages are read within 3 seconds!

So what are you waiting for? Use these insurance-friendly tips to get started with your SMS marketing campaign.

Personalize your messaging through segmentation

Personalization has been the marketing buzzword for several years now, and SMS makes it easy and effective. Once you’ve got your policyholder’s phone numbers and emails in your database, you can divide them according to their needs, preferences, and policies to get the most relevant, timely messages to each group of users.

Automate client nurturing

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a dozen times: it’s cheaper to keep an existing client than to win a new one. SMS marketing simplifies client nurturing through automation. You can trigger SMS messages to be delivered based on client actions, specified dates, and other factors to continually connect with your policyholders in meaningful ways.

Alert clients to critical events

Whether you’re reminding your clients of renewal dates, webinars, or appointments, SMS marketing is the way to go. Studies indicate that reminders sent via text are effective at reducing no-show rates, and busy policyholders will appreciate well-timed reminders of important events. Alerting policyholders of important weather events provides an even more tangible benefit for both clients and risk managers.

Provide valuable information

SMS messaging can be used to quickly deliver important information and links to clients. It takes much less time to create and send a text than an email, and the open rate will be higher. Your clients will appreciate the speed and efficiency of a timely link to claims filing in the event of an accident or crisis.

Work with the SMS pros at AgenciesOnline

At AgenciesOnline, we’ve seen the future of marketing, and it’s SMS. We’ve developed a streamlined platform as a part of our member services to facilitate even more efficient SMS marketing to independent insurance agencies. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to upload text and SMS alerts and messages and deliver them to your clients at one low cost. Get in touch today to learn more.