How to retarget and convert your insurance prospects online

How to retarget and convert your insurance prospects online

To convert a person is to change their direction, and conversion is the goal of all marketing efforts. You’re attempting to convert website visitors or Facebook users into policyholders with your insurance agency. That makes conversion rates a critical measure of a campaign’s success.

However, according to all research, most websites and even paid ads have very low conversion rates. On average, fewer than 3% of website visitors become clients. That means 97% of the people who visit your website don’t convert. Facebook ads are only slightly better at around 9% conversion. 

How can independent insurance agencies improve these conversion rates? 

One cutting-edge strategy to boost conversion is called retargeting. Retargeting puts your agency back in front of bounced traffic after they’ve left your site. When a prospect arrives at your site through an organic search or through an ad, a retargeting pixel tags the visitor with an anonymous browser cookie. As they travel to other platforms, the cookie accompanies them and triggers your retargeting ads to display wherever you’re running them. If you’ve ever had the uncanny experience of seeing an ad for a product you were just researching, you’ve been retargeted. 

Will retargeting actually improve conversion rates?

One of the advantages of retargeting is that the ads are aimed at an audience who has already shown interest in your products and services. They’re already considering making an investment, so they’re primed for your message. Additionally, because consumers have already been exposed to your message, they’re more likely to find it credible when they see it elsewhere. This boosts confidence and improve conversion rates. 

Try these retargeting best practices to convert more prospects to policyholders

Integrate retargeting into your comprehensive marketing strategy

For consumers to be tagged with a retargeting pixel, they have to visit your site. In other words, your retargeting strategy has to be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy to be effective. 

Experiment with different retargeting tactics

There are many ways to use retargeting beyond website retargeting, including:

·       Search retargeting: tagging people who search for particular keywords

·       Email retargeting: tagging people who take action in a brand email

·      Contextual retargeting: tagging people who visit a complementary site

You can use retargeting to serve ads on different social media platforms, as mentioned above, but you can also use retargeting to trigger automated emails. Experiment to gain the greatest advantage of this innovative tool.

Take advantage of sequential ad campaigns

If a visitor has been tagged during a visit to your site, you can be confident that they know the basics about your agency. Use retargeting ads to nurture them further along the buyer’s journey. A sequential ad campaign allows you to deliver a series of fine-tuned messages that provide more information, combat sales objections, and offer enticing discounts or opportunities.

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