3 Tips for Telling Your Agency's Story Online

3 Tips for Telling Your Agency's Story Online

How about an article about telling your story on line?  What do you want a visitor to know about your agency?

Define your audience

When it comes to storytelling, the most important question you can ask is: who is my audience? The same story can (and should) be told a million different ways, depending on who’s listening. Some people are dissatisfied with their current agency, and they want to hear about how you are an improvement over the competition. Some people have never purchased insurance, and they’re torn between boredom and terror. Those people want a story about convenience, simplicity, and a friendly agent who will guide them every step of the way. Some people want a top-of-the-line, luxury portfolio, and others want something more basic. With each audience you’re trying to reach, you need to tailor how you tell your story.

Refine your narrative

For the sake of clarity, your story should revolve around a simple, one-sentence narrative of what you do. Abandon the patently obvious “we sell insurance” in favor of something more heroic:

  • We protect small businesses from big trouble.
  • We ensure new moms and dads sleep better at night.
  • We safeguard everything you’ve spent years building.

Support your story

Once you’ve established your core narrative, flesh it out by showing all of the ways that you do what you do. Your website blog, your social media pages, and your newsletters are all ideal vehicles for expanding your agency’s story online. Use your site to share customer stories and put reviews front and center. 

Allow your narrative to inspire your online marketing efforts. If your story centers on protecting small businesses, develop easy, online risk management tutorials that support business owners. If you’re a local agency helping families build a nest egg, a monthly newsletter with cost-saving tips develops your storyline.

At AgenciesOnline, we work with independent insurance agencies to develop innovative marketing campaigns that tell your story in new and exciting ways. Get in touch today to learn how.