Social Media

Social Media

Let’s face it your insurance agency is not a restaurant, you can’t offer specials of the day, nor can you promote sales, so what should your social media strategy look like.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Determine what your business goals and what social media platform to you want to use.
  • brand awareness
  • product awareness
  • service awareness
  • provide a forum for industry updates
  1. Identifying your ideal client - By conducting this exercise, it will  help you determine your messaging and what media to use.
  • Take a look at your competition and what they do.  What can you do to differentiate your agency?
  • Realize your strategy will change depending on the platform - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Get agency personnel involved to assist in content creation.

AgenciesOnline works with its members to create consistent posting based on the marketing being conducted by the agency.  If you are running a contractors program, you will look to LinkedIn.  If you want to pursue a Private Client Group offering, you will use Facebook.  Want to get a quick message out, Twitter is a solution.  You might also have specific niches where you will want to have unique pages created to support that niche.

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