Agility Recovery

Business Continuity Tailored
To Your Business’s Needs

Based on more than 30 years of Industry experience, Preparis’ innovative software and services are designed to be flexible and extensive enough to help businesses plan for, respond to, and recover from any type of business interruption. Preparis is Agility Recovery’s software division.

The Preparis suite includes:

  • Business continuity consulting
  • Preparis Planner, an easy-to-use business continuity planning platform
  • Preparis Alerts, a bi-directional emergency notification system
  • Preparis Incident Manager, combining exercise and incident management in one comprehensive product
  • RecoveryPlanner, All-in-One, Fully Integrated Cloud-Based Business Continuity Management and Resilience Software Suite

For more resources and to review Preparis’ toolkit, use these custom links:

Please contact Katie Frank for more information.

Katie Frank, Strategic Partnership Account Executive