Agility Recovery

Agility Recovery, a former division of General Electric, is North America’s premier provider of disaster recovery solutions to organizations of all types. Agility provides easy-to-implement recovery solutions for an affordable monthly membership fee. For over 25 years, Agility has rescued thousands of organizations with a 100% success rate.

When a disaster hits, Agility immediately begins mobilizing personnel and assets, utilizing all of their resources, knowledge and expertise. They handle everything associated with the recovery elements they provide, freeing you to focus on what matters most: your people, clients, and community. Unlike other programs, Agility has no disaster declaration or alert fees. Coverage begins the day you become a member, with no long discovery process or plan development fee. And Agility has not, and never will, profit from a member’s disaster.

Agility has developed an affordable, easy to use solution called ReadySuite. If you experience a disaster, Agility will provide any or all of the four elements of recovery:

  1. Office Space
  2. Power
  3. Communication
  4. Computer Systems

To request more information on Agility Recovery and the solutions they provide, contact Melinda Mathews.

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Melinda Mathews, Assoc. AIA, Strategic Alliances Manager