With over 50 years of firsthand insurance agency management experience, Premco was built on the cornerstone of providing unparalleled products and services to Independent Agents.  The Company is owned and managed by leading Independent Agents with extensive experience in finance, management, accounting, and insurance; making us more sensitive to the market and in-tune to the needs of today’s agent.

At Premco, relationships matter.  We offer our Agents the most automated and comprehensive services available.  Our agent programs are designed to meet each specific agent’s requirements as they pertain to the offering and administering of premium financing.  Premco offers agents complete turn-key services, profit sharing programs (where permitted by law) and Agency in-house services and support.

**When you partner with Premco, you benefit from the processes, procedures, risk management, automation and financial infrastructure that has been refined over 30+ years.  Contact us today to learn why we are different.  **